Leaving Laodicea

Coming October 1, 2023

Laodicea is a worldview that values the rat-race over connection. It’s a physical location that makes it hard to participate in community even if we want to.

Laodicea has its hooks in all of us. We know that what we’re doing isn’t working. We read the statistics about loneliness being more deadly than cigarettes, we struggle to deal with aging parents and caring for our kids, we see the dysfunction. But what else is there? We’re stuck.

Or are we?

Maybe it’s time to leave Laodicea.

Will you join me?

Leaving Laodicea is a book that explores the concept of regenerative community. Just as we have begun to learn how to regenerate our soil through regenerative agriculture and permaculture, so too can we regenerate our communities and see them thrive. The future won’t look like the past – and we wouldn’t want it to. But if you’re dissatisfied with the way you’re living and the world you’re living in, isn’t it worth making a change?

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