When Chaos Comes Calling

Chaos is calling. And she will be answered.

We have been too long civilized, too long dependent on things. We have forgotten the tales we were told at Mother’s knee, tales about love and valor and miracles. Our dreams are of control, shaped out of plastic and spit out of a machine – one size fits all. We forgot the lessons of myth, the truths that are carved into bone.

But when chaos comes calling, she laughs at our ideas of control. Plastic swords and polyethylene shields are useless. Chaos cannot be tamed with bloodless lies. Chaos feeds on selfishness and pride.

When Chaos walks, you must go back to the beginning and learn from a child. Tell me, child, what happens to the protagonist who thinks he has everything in hand? We have forgotten that the hero who goes into the woods with everything will first be made naked, and that what was forged without cost breaks swiftly.

It is the heroine who wields kindness who is rewarded, the one who perseveres through hardship who is rescued. She who chooses first to do right is the one who receives the aid.

When Chaos comes calling, we must walk where the wild things are and leave our plastic behind. The wilderness cannot hold a lie, but our old truths will lead us to victory. We must hold hard to hope and courage, and pray that we shall be given strength.

In that place of humility and belief, we will be equipped to do battle.

When Chaos comes calling, you must turn to truth.

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