About Amy

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Why would you choose me as an image consultant?

I’m passionately interested in people, and I believe that the essence of style is marrying who you are on the inside with the structure you’re given on the outside.   For me, the question is always, “what do you want to say?”    I’m here to help you achieve your goals, not become a cookie-cutout or fashion victim.

I get excited when I work with clients, it’s something like a sculptor releasing the angels from the block of marble.  I can “see” the new you before we’ve gotten half through the first shopping session, and I bring that excitement and energy to my clients.  Image consulting is my art, and I take joy in that – joy that I am happy to share.

I am an encourager – yes, I might be blunt about the reason you might not want to wear those pants, but I’m more likely to jump up and down with glee because of how marvelous you look in that sweater.  With someone like me around to cheer you on, you’re going to see how awesome you really are.

I’ve been studying style for decades.  I know the rules that everyone has forgotten, and I know why they’re there.  I love to pass my knowledge on to my clients so much that I even wrote a book.  Everything that I know, everything that I couldn’t shove onto a piece of paper, I bring all of that to bear when helping you find your style.


So, call me and let’s schedule an appointment!