Why Hearthrose?

2018-01-24 15.52.16

So, why Hearthrose?

I’ve been using the nomme d’internet for over 20 years now.    Visualize a beautiful fireplace (a hearth), with all the positive connotations that come with that – warmth, home, good food, welcome.   And now, add a wild rose wrapped ’round the mantle – beauty, wildness, sweet smells.   That’s how I see myself.

There are a lot of other people named Amy Fleming.  Some of them write!  I am not the Amy Fleming who writes romance novels, I am not the Amy Fleming who does production work for film.   I’m the person who does podcasts, writes blogs, writes books, and keeps tilting at windmills – why?  Because I’m passionate about inspiring others to make their lights shine in a dark world.  We can fight the darkness, and we must.

So call me Amy if you like, or Hearth if you like, I answer to either and both.

If you’d like to make contact, please email me at amyrosehearth@gmail.com.