Wearing Mommy’s Clothes

Most of us are burdened with preconceived ideas of who and what we’re supposed to be.  How we’re supposed to dress, how we’re supposed to speak, how we’re supposed to interact.

Some of that is useful – one doesn’t want to burn all the etiquette books, after all – but much of it is self-induced burden.  Just junk in life that gets in the way of living the truth of who you are.


If you buy something that doesn’t work for you, it’s a waste.   Yes, every woman needs a white, long-sleeved shirt in her wardrobe.   But that shirt doesn’t need to be bright white.  It doesn’t need to be a button-down.  Tailor the formality to fit your life – cotton or silk, you know you.   If it fits you, you’ll wear it.  It won’t wear you.

I was reminded of this today, while recording a video… who is this woman speaking and why is she wearing my face?   I took on the persona that my mom used when she used to go to work.  However, my mom and I are very different people – she’s 5″ taller than I am, didn’t work in a creative field, and has different coloring.  The persona I was using in that video looked as silly as I did back in high-school, raiding my mom’s closet.  It wasn’t *me*.

Folks can see straight through you when you put on a persona.  Even if you’ve only been introduced it reads as false.   Don’t do it!   Figure out how to be yourself, not someone else.   Yes, that’s harder at first… but like telling the truth instead of lying, it’s a lot easier in the end.

And when you’re really you, everything starts falling together.

9 thoughts on “Wearing Mommy’s Clothes”

  1. Firstly, why has it taken me so long to follow this blog of yours?!? It’s awesome!
    Secondly, this post reminds me of a conversation I had with my friend last night. She commented that my style is bohemian/hippy chic and I was a bit shocked, because I never thought of myself as someone who wears that kind of style.
    So, IDK if I wear bohemian/hippy style, but I DO feel like I’m at a point where I know my style and I know what clothes will suit me or not. 🙂


    1. Thank you! Probably because you know me from my more personal side of the web and this is my professional blog? (I also keep two personal blogs active).

      You’re a tad bohemian from the pictures I’ve seen, but not overtly. More romantic without the fuss, which people tend to peg as hippychic.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I am drawn to anything flowy, lacey or floral.
        BTW, got your request for blog access. I’m not actually giving anyone access, so don’t take it personally 🙂 the blinds are closed and noone is home.


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