Lift one another up

If I could request resolutions from my readers, my request would be that we actively look for ways to encourage one another in our respective quests for Beauty.

If you see someone who looks nice, say so.

If you see someone rocking an individual aesthetic that’s working for them, tell them that you enjoy it.

Make the decision to enjoy the parade of humanity around you, not envying what you can’t replicate, but taking pleasure in a well-chosen outfit.

This request has been spurred by my Christmas reading.  I received Sarah Chrisman’s new book and was most struck by the fact that her greatest difficulty is with the unkindness and intrusiveness of strangers.


I admire Mrs. Chrisman’s courage and resolve to continue in her chosen lifestyle and horrified to hear that anyone would choose to drag her down.  Why do we do this to each other, dear readers?

I’ve heard this as “the crab bucket mentality*” where we drag one another back into the depths anytime we see one of our compatriots trying to improve themselves.    Instead of dragging one another down, what if we worked to raise each other up?  Why on earth would we choose to reduce the overall beauty in a world plagued with ugliness?  No.  We must encourage one another.

And we can do so, by making the choice to enjoy each other rather than competing with one another.

A compliment, a smile, they cost so little, and they can do so much good.  Let us all resolve to increase the true beauty in this world of ours by increasing the kindness around us.

It’s a very small request.




*Hat-tip to Terry  Pratchett

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  1. Love it! Great encouragement, Hearthie 🙂

    1. hearthie says:

      Thank you!

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