You can be you and be fashionable

One of the greatest benefits of the modern age is that we truly have the choice to wear just about anything and still be fashionable.   This wasn’t always so, and I think that many of us hold on to days past when there were just one or two big trends per year.  That’s so far from the truth these days!

Here’s a collage culled from the Spring 2018 runway offerings…

spring runway
Annakiki, Rodarte, Tom Ford, Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Celine, Victoria Beckham, Dior, Calvin Klein; left to right by row)

Certainly there are trends here for the eye trained to analyze – but to the usual gaze, what you see is choice.  CHOICE.  You have choices about what to wear.  Fashion isn’t going to dictate your life.

So what facet of yourself do you want to display?  You can find a way, if you start looking.

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  1. Going to the Fields says:

    Deep sigh. I know haute couture is ART and isn’t meant to be in any way real-life clothing…but I find it very distracting. The pret-a-porter shows are more boring for the auteur but they speak to ME on my level.

    I’m no good with translation from the Lofty Idea to the practical reality.

    1. hearthie says:

      Really all you need to get from this collage is “options, so many options”. The clothes in the stores are what you’ll be working with, so pret-a-porter is fine.

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