Recreating Outfits from Pinterest

One of the reasons that every modern stylist will recommend you use Pinterest to set up image boards is because those images will gradually sink into your brain… and you’ll be able to recreate them.  One of my biggest fashion-designer-icons is Ralph Lauren, and this look certainly references his work.  DSC05419

I recently picked up a white linen blouse with an open neck.  I had sewn myself a long, linen, A-line skirt in camel six months ago… as soon as I got the blouse home I realized that I’d recreated a pinterest look that I’d pinned when I first joined the site.

pinterest pin

Forgive me, the link no longer goes to the original image, so credit to pinterest I suppose.

My husband  paid me the compliment, once I got dressed, of saying that I looked very much like myself.

It’s also extremely comfortable, well-suited to a warm day and the summer ahead.  Linen is a wonder fabric for Southern California!

So take those pins and get to making outfits… you’ll be glad you did.


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