To Thine Own Self Be True

If you want to pursue Beauty, you have to pursue Truth.

You don’t have to make yourself something that you are not.  You have to be brave enough to show the world what you are.DSC05381

I like to wear flowers in my hair.   I like Spring.  On Easter, I go all out…

For services last night I wound red geraniums in my hair – red and aqua are a powerful color combination.  I paired that with red lipstick and a full face of makeup.

For the day today, including a casual dinner at my parents’ house, I made a crown of Mexican Primrose, and then pulled it all to the side.  No makeup today, a very bohemian outfit.  Skipping the jewelry – I think it’s a bit redundant.

It might be over the top.  I might be shedding blossoms. I don’t care.  I didn’t take the internet name of “Hearthrose” for no reason, after all.  This is who I am, the girl who wears flowers in her hair……..

Be courageous enough to be yourself.

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