Translucent: Wearing Your Mood

Beauty isn’t always about pursuing the most powerful statement, sometimes beauty is in revealing the truth of where you are…


Right now I’m feeling pretty tired, pretty translucent… but, as a Spring, translucent colors suit me.   I can glean the beauty even through exhaustion, if I’ll let myself be a window rather than pushing away what’s going on inside.

You’ll note that I’m still wearing colors that match the colors in my skin, hair and eyes… the ivory from my eyes … the corals that match the flush of my skin.  (I am not wearing makeup, this is the color that my skin is.  Colors, rather).

Remember always that you want your clothes to represent you, to surround you with more “you” – this makes you one piece of art with your frame, so that the viewer isn’t given something clashing to observe.

If beauty is truth, and truth is beauty – pursue truth and you’ll find beauty hiding.



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