Living works of art

The courage to be a living work of art is the courage to allow yourself to be beautiful.  To allow yourself to be truthful.  It is the courage to allow yourself to be fully, authentically, whom you were created to be.

Beauty is truth.  Beauty is a window to the transcendent.  Beauty is not for the weak of heart!

We all want to be beautiful, but at the same time, we all want to be invisible, to be like everyone else.   We only want to be a little prettier than the next girl – if even that.  We just want to fit in.  We want youth and vigor… but BEAUTY?  Transcendent truth?  That’s scary.

It feels dangerous.  It feels arrogant.  It feels vulnerable.

Truth is always vulnerable, and blending in is always safe.

So then, it takes courage to reveal the woman behind the curtain, the living work of art that each of us is.

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