Pursuing Beauty: In Honesty

The month coming up will have to be another opportunity to pursue beauty in movement… because I found something out this month.  The body is the shell of the snail, it is inextricably woven with the state of the soul.

This month I was stressed and tired and besieged, and actively did not want to stretch anything or move.  That was my truth… truth isn’t always what we want it to be.  I was curled inside myself, defensively.  To stretch would have been to extend weakness… and I was weak enough.

After weeks of feeling like garbage, I woke up this morning desperate to move my body and to create.  So I shall… and I shall endeavor to make them habits once again.

The rhythm of being knocked down and getting back up can be frustrating, especially as we age.  Getting back up takes longer and longer, and we get knocked down more often.  I only ever want to be perfect – perfectly healthy, perfectly working.  But that’s not what life is.

The first definition of beauty is in health – but that does not limit beauty, because true Beauty is a window to the transcendent.  And being truthful gets you to that window more quickly than any lie, no matter how shiny the lie appears.

Off to stretch!

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