Answering Questions about Fabric

Why are my t-shirts see-through?

Answer:  Because we’ve gotten so close to the wall on cost-cutting with clothing that the textile manufacturers are just using less textile.

Why can’t I find a cotton t-shirt these days?  Everything I see is polyester or a blend.

Because petrochemicals are cheaper than cotton.  And the manufacturers figure that since they can’t get consumers to spend an extra $5 on a cotton t-shirt, they’ll just use a cheaper material.  Sure, it won’t breathe.  It’ll hold a bad smell until the end of time.  But it’s cheaper….


This is what is known as “false economy”.   When you spend less on an item up front, but it breaks down three times as quickly and doesn’t perform its function as well as it should.  You’re not actually gaining ground, because you’re disposing of your t-shirt before you would dispose of a well-made t-shirt, and if it’s thin enough, you’re probably having to layer it (meaning you’re going to have to use twice as many garments) not because you like the style, but because you don’t want your bra to show.

We as consumers have to change direction and start demanding quality again!  Vote with your pocketbook.  Truly enjoy the clothing that you bring into your life and make it work for you.  It is available, you just have to look a bit harder.

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