Why Plan Your Wardrobe?

It seems like planning out a wardrobe has gone out of fashion.   Sure, it’s fun to shop on a whim – but it’s exactly like going to the grocery store when you’re hungry without a list.  You’re coming home with all the things – many of which you don’t need.    And now instead of solutions, you have problems:

  • You have a money problem, because you’ve spent $100 on five cute tops that don’t go with anything – and you have $40 left in your clothing budget – so the slacks that would go with everything are out of reach.   You feel like you never have enough money to buy what you’d really like to have, but you have a ton of things that you don’t use, don’t want, and don’t even like anymore.
  • You have a storage problem, because there’s not enough room in your closet to keep all your new acquisitions… things are getting squished, lost, and you’ve pushed some things so far to the back that 6 months later you find them with the tags still on!  You don’t know what you own.
  • You are contributing to the global textile waste crisis; the environmental issues surrounding the production of clothing (bleach, dyes, fabric fluff, using up non-renewable resources, etc) and the abuse of workers in other countries.  Buying cheap, low-quality goods?  Those are made in the worst conditions with the cheapest fabrics that are going to end up in the trash the fastest… that’s how they keep the prices down.

Yes, the retailers would like you to keep shopping on a whim.   They’ve shaped the industry around shopping by emotion rather than shopping with sense.   It’s not going to be easy to push back and take control of your closet, but you can do it!

How?  You make a plan.

  • What do I do?  – this is what do you do with your actual life, not in your daydreams –  Who am I?  – this is everything from the color of your eyes and width of your waistline to your personality – Where am I going? – looking to change jobs? make a life change? make an impression?-
  • What do I have *right now* that I can use that fits with who I am and will get me where I’m going?
  • What do I need to get?  -start with the basics, build towards the fun stuff, keeping an eye on how worn things get-

It’s a simple formula – which requires that you learn to be introspective and brutally honest.

Or you can call me, we can talk, and I’ll do the brutally honest for you and point you on your way.  I’ll even make it fun.

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