Smart Clothing Choices are Green Clothing Choices


One of the things we have lost in the last couple of decades of fast-fashion and increasing clothing consumption is the concept that well-made clothing, carefully-chosen clothing, a curated wardrobe, carefully taken care of – is good for the environment.   And your pocketbook.  And your sanity.

I think we all could use a bit of help encouraging us to spend a bit more on well-made clothing, and thinking about the long-term wardrobe potential in each garment.

It’s so easy to say, “Well, it was only $10”.   But if you’re throwing it away after a few wears (and make no mistake – most of what you send to the thrift store is thrown away or recycled as rags) then that’s $10 you’ve wasted.  And quite a few resources that went down the drain.  If the garment in question was made of polyester or spandex, those resources are non-renewable (those are petroleum products).

Rolling old-school in life tends to be Green, just as a byproduct of not being wasteful.  And thinking carefully about your clothing is fun!

[My book discusses how to get you to a well-chosen wardrobe if you feel like you need a little help.  If you don’t like kindle, it’s available where ever ebooks are sold, on all platforms].

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