To Communicate, You Must Live

In order to communicate the truth of who you are, you must know who you are.  My book will give you some help in that direction, but there is much more to be explored.  Furthermore, if you’re not living the truth, you’re not going to manifest that truth in your outer appearance.

A base assumption of every part of my existence is CHANGE THE INSIDE FIRST.   (Yes, changing the outside can help support the inside changes – like staking a young tree so it grows right – but if you’re not going to make the inside changes, don’t bother).

I talk, in my book, about using Pinterest to pick up images that speak to you, images that tell you about the person inside.   I used this tool myself to adjust the story I was writing about myself.   I think it’s all too easy to drift off track, off of what’s real, into what you think other people think you should be, who you are.   That’s why you need to take your time and pin from the heart.

This is my personal board (the professional pinterest site doesn’t take you here).  If you look at the women in these pictures, you see a woman who is related to nature very closely in at least 2/3 of them.   If you look at my pinboards generally (again, the personal boards), you’ll see that there is a commonality to my taste for myself.  Natural, flowing, beautiful, organic – not structured.

But do I live this?  And if I don’t, how can I change my life so that I’m living the truth of my heart?

That’s something I’m working on in my own life, and it’s my question to you today.

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