A Face Full of Character

All this talk of beauty as youth + riches gets a bit depressing… but while it’s true, it’s not the whole picture.   Women in their middle years  (and women with larger features) have always had a certain draw.  So, what is it?

Character.  One’s life is writ large upon one’s face – one’s strength, fortitude, courage, and intelligence are apparent to the careful observer.  The larger the features*, the more interesting the face.

When someone is looking at you, they want to know something about you.  Large features are more expressive, they tell the world more about who you are.   A face that’s worn into itself is likewise more expressive than one that’s just finished settling into its adult shape.  (One does earn one’s face).


With enough character, the observer might not even notice that “beauty” isn’t as objectively apparent.   That’s why most professional models are chosen for individuality (and large features) over perfect beauty.  Be interesting, be yourself – it’s always a win.


*cartilage grows forever – yes, your nose is bigger than when you were 21, and so are your ears.


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