The Devil’s in the Details

When you live in a world where everyone is wearing whatever they want… and whatever they want is usually some variant of “t-shirt and jeans”, what’s the difference between the mom at Target and the fashionista?


Detail includes fit and texture and drape and fabric quality… and detail includes accessories.

Can I encourage you to dial your accessory game up a few notches?   That doesn’t mean that you have to wear things you don’t want to wear – no.  It means I’d like to see you wear the things that you love, the things that make you incredibly happy, the things that feel most like you.

Those lovely, lovely things in the bottom of your jewelry box*, the ones that you don’t wear because you’re afraid they’re a bit “much”.  Drag them out and figure out how and when to incorporate them into your daily life – a great accessory can be your “brand”.

I want to -once again- beseech you to spend more time on fit and drape.  I have found that it is entirely possible to source high quality clothing at a discount.  I have to travel a bit, and the selection isn’t as good – but the clothing is visibly more stylish.  I picked up a white t-shirt today, I bought it entirely because of the neckline and drape.  It was $8.  Find the town near you with the wealthiest people, shop the Marshalls and suchlike there.  A 30 minute drive for me equals designer goods at drastic reductions… same store in my town?  Forget it.  If you can’t find it at a discount, make yourself a wardrobe list, stick to it like glue, and save up one item at a time.   Quality lasts.

A really *great* t-shirt can be dressed up.  A style-less t-shirt cannot.   It’s worth your while to find the good one, and take care of it properly.  Fabric with good drape fits better, looks better, feels better.   Now, when I say, “a great t-shirt”, I assure you that I do not mean a t-shirt covered with distracting details… this is supporting cast, not a lead character.  Most of the time I find that details on knits reduce the overall look of quality.  (If you want a lace shirt, buy one – but don’t buy a cheap lace covered t-shirt).

Other details include grooming, which is essential if you want to look stylish – you’re better off working your hair/makeup/nail/lingerie game than you are buying the very latest anything; and leather goods (shoes/purse/belt).

So, if you’re wondering what the difference is between two women in t-shirts and jeans, and why one looks expensive and the other doesn’t?  Details.   It’s all in the details.

Dial yourself up to 11 and let the compliments start rolling in… people like people who look like themselves.


*(If you’re a minimalist and always feel as if you “have” to wear more than you’d like, but would rather just have one good ring … same advice applies.  Dial yourself up to 11, even if that sounds, on the surface, like dialing yourself back.  Nope.  It’s all in differentiating yourself from the crowd).


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