It doesn’t hurt to reiterate the obvious…

…people judge you by your looks.   “Looks” are partially a general preference for youth/health and partial a cultural agreement about what the appearance of wealth looks like (in other words, 200 years ago a serious pallor meant you were wealthy, then it changed to quite tan, now it’s a touch of color, but nothing too extravagant… that’s cultural, not intrinsic).

You look more polished when wearing makeup.  Cultural agreement.

Her very light makeup makes her look healthier (removed blemishes, brightened lips/eyes) which is an intrinsic preference.

Complaining that humans judge on the basis of appearance is a waste of time.  We do, that’s the sort of creatures we are.  Everyone knows that we do this, and it’s relatively easy to manipulate the situation to your advantage.

Thanks to LS for sending in this article for me to comment upon!

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