It’s very simple to work with a bit of proportion play and see where you’re off.  All you need is a couple of selfies and the most basic of graphics programs.


In the first picture, I tried to figure out what was wrong… so I played a bit with the graphics program, lowering my hemline, changing the yoke to a waistband (more defined), and lowering the neckline a couple of inches.  The third picture is the restyled me.*

Have I changed the style of clothing?  No.  Has my figure changed?  No.  Do I look better?  Yes.

This is easy – and you have the tools at your fingertips!  It doesn’t have to be beautifully photoshopped to give you the idea of what you might want to change.

You have the tools to look better – use them.


*Seamstress tip:  Do not buy the twee patterned denim for adult clothing.  It screams “Becky Homecky”, in the words of Michael Kors.   Always buy the best fabric you can afford, the drape makes all the difference in the world.

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