So much to do, so few hands

Christendom, particularly feminine Christendom, suffers from the problem of too much to do and not enough people to do it.

The truth is, this world is fallen. Likewise, truth is that there is always going to be more work to be done than can get done. Truth is, God calls us to do good works as His children – our works compose the garment of the Bride of Christ. (Rev. 19:8) So then – we know we’re to work. We know there’s a lot to do. We know we can’t give up.

We forget two things. We forget that everyone is called to her own task, and we forget that we are aiming at the eternal, not the temporal. Individuals will always be more important than societies. Individuals.

You have work to do. Are you doing it? Are you influencing the people around you for Christ? Are you a light in their lives? Every one of us has a circle of friends, relatives, and acquaintances to whom they represent “Christianity”. The West has enough bad representations of Christ, it behooves us to take our daily actions and words seriously.

You have work to do. Maybe you’re a mom. You’ll be called to account for how you raised those kids. That’s work, it is. Maybe you’re caring for your elders. That’s work, and God takes it seriously. Our modern world devalues both of those tasks, shoves them to the side. But we, Christian sisters, don’t use the valuations of this world.

You have work to do in the Church. You were given gifts and talents. Are you using them for your family in Christ? If you have counsel, do you have a soft shoulder? If you have service, do people know who to call? If you have hospitality, do you have an open door? Are you actively using your gifts and talents for God?

Your commitment is to God. Are you doing what He called you to do, with the tools He gave you?

It’s too easy to become worldlings in this – to work in the cause (or causes) that are most guilt-inducing. It’s easy to become a worldling as you try to recruit laborers for the work you’ve truly been called to. There’s not a ministry anywhere that doesn’t need more help! But that’s the world’s way of thinking, way of being. Individuals aren’t fungible. Every single one of us has jobs to do. Multiple jobs, and those multiple jobs change as the seasons in our life change. As we change.

What is important is that you work. What is important is that you give your all to God. What is not important is whether you’re “not helping” a ministry to which you are not called. You work.

Every day we have the opportunity to represent our Lord. Our country is in a war for hearts. Are you showing up to be known as the early Church was known – for its love of God, love of the brethren, love for the outsider? Are you striving to be Christlike? Are you looking for opportunities to make Jesus look good?

We need to get the bushels off our lamps and shine.

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