Beauty is intrinsically worthy

It is good that there is beauty in this world.

I was admiring a picture of a stained-glass room this morning.   Absolutely stunning.

I don’t need to own that room to receive value from it.   I can know that it exists.  I can see it.. maybe one day in person.   It pleases me, to know that someone has made this beauty.

Beauty is worthy.  It is, all by itself.   When we create beauty, we do good.  When we participate in beauty, we contribute.

I believe that the world at large has lost this truth, that everyone has the opportunity to participate in beauty.   They think they don’t have the capability, or that they don’t need to come alongside, because others can carry the weight.  Or they simply don’t see the importance, because they so seldom see any kind of beauty-in-human-form outside the silver screen.   But no one is simply an observer in life.  One participates.

Perhaps they see themselves and don’t understand that there is more than one kind of beauty.  It is not only stained glass patios that stun me.  The majestic redwoods and rugged cliffs of the Lost Coast do the same.   And what of a congregation, dressed in Easter finery?  Can you say that this is not beauty?

Every day, we make a choice.  We choose to make beauty or not.

What do you choose, today?

Coming soon… my new book, “Beauty Destroys the Beast” – if you liked this blog, you’ll love the book.   Sometimes we all need to get a little “why” to help us start moving towards the “what”. 

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