Your wardrobe is like your pantry.    We all know how to stock our pantries correctly and efficiently – so why not treat our closets the same way?

You buy what you need based on what you already have and what you’re planning to cook.   And that’s great, and every wardrobe book gets you there… but they don’t acknowledge that some of you are vegan, some are paleo, and some prefer classic American cooking.

The stuff you need depends on the life you live.   If you aren’t planning to bake paleo cookies, you probably don’t need to spend $$ on a bag of almond meal.  Similarly, if you’re not working in a corporate office, you might not need to spend $$ on a suit.   Your life, your choices, they directly affect your needs.   You should spend your money (and your wardrobe space) on the items that will give you the most benefit.

After all, half of us would fill our wardrobes with ballgowns given a chance – and the same number of us would fill up our pantries with dessert ingredients… but those things don’t get supper on the table.   First you buy your “must-haves”, then you add the fun stuff as required.

That’s the essence of wardrobe planning.   The shopping experience these days encourages you to buy a lot of chocolate and no steak – but if you’re going to be a smart consumer, you need to plan your shopping and stick to a budget.   If you don’t eat steak, you still need to pick up some tofu.

  • What do you want to create?
  • What do you already have?
  • What combinations can I make with what I’ve got?
  • What’s missing?
  • If I add X to my pile, how many options will I have?

These are the same concepts you take to the grocery store.   Now, when you wardrobe plan, you add another level – because dresses and carrots aren’t at the same price point. And though clothing is a consumable, blazers “feed” you for years, whereas a potato is a one-meal item.

  • What’s my budget – do I need to plan a long-term shopping goal?
  • What piece can I buy now to do the most work, and when can I get the next bit?
  • What’s my wardrobe goal, and how do I get there from here?

So – are you a pastry chef, or are you eating doing a juice cleanse?  What you need should reflect what ends up in your cart.

If you’d like help with this – drop me a line and I’d be happy to help you sort it out.



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