The Hot New Style: Individuality

The best thing about the Oscar fashion parade this year was that there was actually fashion to be had.  Beautiful women wearing beautiful dresses are a good thing, but I missed the awards ceremonies of my youth, when there was an excitement inherent in seeing who would wear what, what bit of the inner self would be revealed, who would commit a horrible fashion disaster and who would wear something so wonderful that generations to come would remember it.    If one considers the red carpet part of the entertainment (or, in my case, the whole of it), a true parade is a draw.

And in 2018 we were treated to just such a display.

Sandra Bullock in her high-necked black & gold gown showed off her signature clean lines.  Emma Stone combined the romantic red velvet jacket and pink sash with the sassy slim-cut black pants.  Camila Alves went big with a fluffy white gown and rubies.  Salma Hayek looked positively goddess-like in Gucci.   Paz Vega wore a modern take on a kimono.   And who can forget Nicole Kidman with her giant blue bow?  Different women … same venue.   Were they dressed appropriately?  Yes!

Every stylist knows that the point of the red carpet is to be seen.  And why should you be seen?  To market yourself.   How can you market yourself without words?  With your clothing and grooming.     Why would you want to fade into the background?  If you have one moment when everyone is going to be looking at you – use it.

I’m thrilled to see this come back, because it proves that individuality is where style resides.   Yes, of course we have trends to be mindful of – but right now the biggest trend is just being yourself.

You are being seen.   This is your moment.   How will you choose to communicate?

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  1. Going to the Fields says:


    It’s hard to know who you are, at first. Easier in the middle. Then you figure it out, and realize that trends from your childhood are back but you’re not that person any longer, and shopping is a nightmare.

    Well, for me at least, as I’m limited in my choice of stores in the vicinity. Mid to upper tier department stores always have my classic basics on hand, and it’s worth spending the money. But “classic basic” doesn’t really sound individual, does it?

    Hmmm. So let’s see. I’d pair a navy or white tank with a khaki A line and sandals. But my individual statement? The hand knit by me cool toned shawl in a combo of combed cotton and Noro grey silk yarn.

    I think I’m getting the hang of this!

    1. hearthie says:

      Yes, you’re getting the hang of it, for sure. And I’d love to see you in that outfit!! You are cool and classic. (PS everyone has a hard time figuring out “who they are”).

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