New year, new you?

I’d like to challenge that concept.  Instead of a “new” you – how about finding the woman you are inside and bringing her to the forefront?  As a journey, this offers fascinating discoveries.  As a resolution, you’re more likely to stick with dressing like the woman you are than a woman you are not.

If you haven’t picked up my e-book, “Wardrobe Communication:  Mastering the Art of Personal Expression”, I urge you to give it a read.  I spend chapters talking about this – and there are substantial appendices walking you through the process.

For me personally, the Winter is a time of introspection and reflection.   This year in particular – it’s a time of recentering, rediscovery, and drilling down on the person I am.   It is always tempting to put on the facade of the woman you think you should be – the executive, the artist, the socialite – but eventually it rings false.  When you get dressed and it’s all wrong, you don’t want to settle in and get comfy, you want to rip the costume off.

2017 could be the year you decide to show the world who you really are, and knock its socks off…

Why not give the truth a try?

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