Developing Personal Style

Details.  The devil’s in the details.

That extra half inch, to quote Victoria Beckham – it’s that that makes the difference between run of the mill and amazing.

But how do you figure it out?   If I cut my hair in Beckham’s wedge, I’d look like an alien, not at all like myself.  You don’t want to go big or go home until you know where you’re going!!!

Use pinterest.  Pin things that you love.  And then *analyze* them.

For instance, the following items are on my personal pinterest board:

The first picture was chosen because of the woman on the cliffs over the sea.  The second picture was chosen because of the overall crunchy boho vibe of the outfit.  The third picture was chosen because of the detail and colors.

But they have something in common.  Every one of these pictures has something of the wildness about it.  The roughness of the cliffs and the waves.  The texture of the lace and the natural leather peaking out at the belt.  The rough fabric and the botanical embroidery.

The more pictures you collate, the more you can find the common threads of things that make you swoon.   Here are another three pictures:

Other than the fact that all these ladies are wearing dresses in a field (which I noticed when I put them up here, lol), you notice a softness, a romantic femininity common to all of them.

And what do you tie between the two?  Nature, hands down.

So, what does the woman behind the computer screen do about that?  Well, she makes sure to accessorize with the following:

  • Leather
  • Natural stones (I even have a bracelet that looks like polished pebbles)
  • Flowers
  • Highly textured fabrics

And those are the things I wear to tie my outfits together.  No diamond tennis bracelets for me – not my thing.  But a rose in my hair?  Any day.

You think – but you can’t get away with a rose in your hair, not these days… oh yes you can.  Perhaps not to the office, but anywhere else.   The more *myself* I dress, as quizzically romantic and bohemian as that is, the more compliments I get.  And always compliments if there are flowers in my hair – yes, even at 43yo.  If it’s really you… really, really YOU – go for it.  Go big, and you’ll find yourself more at home than you’ve ever been.


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