Choose your models wisely

So, you’re shopping away online or rooting through magazines, looking at the pretty pictures and wondering… “will this look good on me?”.  The tendency is to find something that you like and wish it into figure flattery or to see someone whose figure you like, and hope the clothes will get you there.  Neither work.

What does work is noticing the model wearing the clothing and seeing what commonalities she has with you, as regards figure and coloring.   All models have idealized, elongated figures – but how elongated?  How many curves?  This varies.

And sometimes you can get a clue by reverses – when you find an elongated, thin model and the clothing looks terrible on her, but it looks bad because it makes her look ridiculously long and thin (this IS a thing), a bit of a gawk… well, if you’re neither tall nor thin, you might find that the item in question looks better on you than on her.

Look carefully at the model and see – if the item works, why does it work?  And if not, why?

You’ll get a better idea of how the item in question is likely to fit you.

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