When Self Evolves, Style Evolves

If you are in the midst of a personal style makeover, you might find that parts of your overall style that you did not expect to change will start to evolve.

You’re allowing another part of your personality to come to the fore, and you may find that your tastes (and cravings) start to change.  For example, you might find that as you return to the workforce, your previous cravings for very sweet fruity scents change to a desire for more sophisticated, darker, fragrances.  Why is that?  You’re bringing more intensity to the game – and perfume is a very powerful way to define yourself.  When you hang out with your kids all day, you might find that you’re wearing brighter colors than you had before…. your playful side is coming out!

It’s disconcerting, when preferences that you thought were set in stone suddenly start to change.  The vision you give the world of yourself is part of how you tell yourself who you are, it’s not only aimed at the outside.  But this is part of the evolution of self.   Would you want to stay a callow youth forever, never maturing, only aging?   I hope not!

Whether or not you understand how to communicate through style consciously, you understand how to communicate with it subconsciously.  Why?  Because you can read someone else’s style tells like a book!   Pay attention to your style cravings, and indulge in a bit of self-analysis.  What do your desires tell you about what you want to tell the world?

You can use this “I crave this/I am leaving this behind” to push yourself on through the chrysalis of transition of one self to the next.   (If you have recently changed roles, and something feels a bit awkward and out of place, perhaps it’s something as simple as a detail upgrade – time to ask yourself the hard questions about what really pleases you *now*).

Remember that the essence of style is to have a seamless join between your outside and inside… let it happen, let yourself evolve, and embrace the changes that come your way.

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