The Other Senses

Most of the focus of a fashion and sewing blog is visual.
But sight is not the only sense by which we are perceived, particularly by our husbands.
Today I’d like to consider the other senses:  Touch, Smell, Taste, and Sound.

Touch:  The texture of your clothing, your skin and your hair is of primary importance in the overall loveliness of your presentation.  Even if you can’t magically lose 50lb overnight, you can still wear a silk nightgown to bed – or a cashmere sweater to the mall.  When you are soft to the touch, you are more desirable to touch, which makes you lovelier.

Not only does texture please your husband’s hands, it can put a private smile on your face.  Who doesn’t feel more lovely when she’s wearing a silk slip or really soft stockings?  Am I the only woman who strokes fuzzy sweaters or jackets when I come across them in the mall?  Why not let yourself enjoy actually wearing the fuzzy for once?

Perhaps your tastes run harder… regardless, recognize that the texture of your clothing (and hair/skin) does convey a message.

Smell:  Have you put on a bit of perfume lately?  The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t smell at all to anyone who isn’t in hugging range, and that seems wise to me, especially in this age of allergies.  But to those who get close, isn’t a little scent nice?   Part of the way we decide who we do (and do not) like is the scent of their skin, however subconscious that evaluation is.  Adding perfume – or bath oil, body powder, scented shampoo – to one’s natural scent (or to camoflague it) is yet another part of the package.

One does wish to use scent that works with one’s natural fragrance – and yes, fragrances change according to body chemistry.  You also don’t want to wear clashing fragrances.  No baby powder over Chanel No. 5, if you please.

Scent, more than any other of the senses, is tied closely to memory – and to the subconscious.  Be very careful what image you evoke with the scents that you choose.  Perhaps you want more than one!

Taste:  Only your husband will ever get close enough to taste you! But there’s a bit of fun to be had in bubblegum flavored lipgloss – and one should understand what the other aspects of one’s presentation might bring to the flavor party.  (Scent in particular – some perfumes taste absolutely ghastly).  Chew a bit of mint gum or nibble on some fennel in the garden – allow yourself to fully inhabit the body you wear.  Allow that sensation to come forward in your smile and your laugh.

Sound:  How mellifulous is your voice?  Yes, you can make it more soothing and more pleasant.  Also, have you considered how your clothing sounds when it moves?  A soft noise makes for a very feminine presence.  Read an old book and learn about the sursurration of taffeta petticoats, or contemplate why is it that we consider ankle bells ever so slightly naughty?

Allow yourself – at least in private – to be fully present, unforgettable.  Call attention to your smallest move.  Certainly this impacts one’s self-awareness, and that affects presentation.

A woman is not merely what you can see……..

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