If you’ve worked with me, I’d love to hear what you had to say…

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  1. Elspeth says:

    I’ve been tinkering with this for long enough, so here are my thoughts on what it was like working with Hearthrose.

    For most of my life I have had an inner conflict between what looks good on me, what I like to wear, what I thought I should wear, and what my husband most likes to see me in. As a 40-something Christian mother, tastefulness, age appropriateness, and beauty were my top priorities when I got dressed. I wanted to feel comfortable. However when I say that I don’t mean “free to be a shlub”, but comfortable with the fact that what I am wearing is both attractive and appropriate.

    Hearthrose did two things for me: fine tuned my eye so that I could better understand which hues enhance my features and coloring, and which detract from it. The second thing she did for me -and for which I am sure my husband is grateful- is help me be okay with the fact that my hourglass figure needs clothes that fit, and not baggy pieces designed to hide my feminine beauty. Most importantly, that this could be done in a way that is tasteful, attractive, and age appropriate. In other words, it didn’t have to be either or.

    I can’t recommend Hearthie highly enough mainly because she has a gift of seeing the beauty in every woman regardless of age, and doesn’t try and squeeze a square fashion peg into a trendy round hole. She wants to help you look your best, but also wants the woman that you truly are to shine through. Most of all, she has a passion for beauty in a world where beauty is often replaced with attempts to shock, awe, and even uglify everything it touches.

    1. hearthie says:

      Thank you, Elspeth.

  2. Dana says:

    I met Amy when she offered a color consultation on her blog a few years ago. Her eye and sense of color really impressed me and I enjoyed reading her posts. I too have had a strong interest in color since my teen years and was determined to be a Summer by a color consultant. Imagine my shock when Amy shared that I was a Vivid Spring — not the Summer I have thought I was for over 30 years! To be honest, I always felt washed out and tired in the Summer colors. The Spring colors really do complement my coloring more than Summer’s muted tones. This has been so eye opening to me as I have started to revamp my wardrobe slowly.

    Amy worked with me remotely. She was encouraging and pleasure to work with. I enjoyed every bit of the process and felt she wanted to share with me out of her vast knowledge. She really knows her stuff! I can recommend her services and even if you think you know your color and season, you may be in for a surprise like me! She put together a Pinterest board and even helped with styling options for my lifestyle. I’m anxious to read her new book! Thank you again, Amy! I am grateful ~ Dana

    1. hearthie says:

      Thank you, Dana.

  3. Amy was looking for subjects for colour and style consultations when she was getting a feel for the work and as a regular reader at her personal blog I offered myself as a guinea pig. She was professional and dedicated and took her time to build me up a virtual catalogue of colours, textures and styles that would suit me, as well as offer feedback on various outfits. She knows what she is doing and can explain the how and why certain looks do not suit me, for instance why I can wear black mascara but not black eyeliner. She turned the world on its head, but I can safely say that her advice works. After slowly overhauling my wardrobe, I feel great in everything I own, can literally throw clothes on in the morning without thinking twice as everything matches, my makeup skills have improved and my work style is at once more comfortable AND more professional. There is definitely a marked change in how I am treated out and about, how I am taken at work and the attention my husband gives me when I dress up… all for the better!

    I got rid of my last item that was outside my colour scheme – well, almost the last, but you will have to shred my black boots from my feet if they’re to go! But the pink tops and bright yellows and whites have gone, and my black and white shiny handbag was cast aside after I realized it doesn’t match anything that’s left in my wardrobe now. I have a slightly smaller selection of clothes, but they all fit and look great and meet all my needs, from gardening to tutoring, from going out to housework. I couldn’t be happier with the advice I received!

    Now it may be time to get a quick consultation about the ever-growing pregnancy bump that is reshaping my figure for at least the next three months, though. ‘Cause I have a feeling cinched dresses won’t be recommended any more. :p

    1. hearthie says:

      Thank you, SSW.

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