1. Who Are You

This is an in-depth analysis of who you are and where you’re going.  What are your raw materials?   Who is the inner you?  What do you want from life?


This is the foundation service, not something you’d repeat more than a few times per life.   Every year sees a need to clean out your closet, every season sees an opportunity to shop – but you have to figure out who you really are only when you’re totally restructuring your life.  It is well worth your time and effort to plan before you take action, and this is your planning step.

You send me pictures of your face and figure and answer some questions, and I do a full analysis of your coloring, your figure, and your intentions.  I write up recommendations for the above, and prepare a swatch ring.   I’ll also start a pinterest board for you, where I’ll go further into your colors and prepare a mood board for you.  Then we sit down and meet together, going over all of it and refining as necessary.

When you know yourself thoroughly, you can make decisions about which facets of yourself to display or conceal, and you won’t feel like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes.  No more wasted wardrobe dollars because the item you brought home just doesn’t suit you!

You receive:

  • Swatch ring for future shopping
  • Pinboard
  • Color Analysis
  • Style Analysis
  • Action Recommendations
  • A free download of my book, Wardrobe Communication


Here’s a sample of a color and style analysis with a remote client:  Analysis