Image Consulting Services: In Person


Why use an image consultant? Why this rate?

Do you need someone to ask you the hard questions about your life or give you a bit of pep when you walk into a room tomorrow?   Do you need to refine your style slightly or re-do everything you own?

Foundations:  Color Analysis, Figure Analysis, Personality & Goals

Wardrobe Analysis:   Closet-clean out and inventory;  Acquisitions List

Acquisitions:  Shopping, either in-person or online or both.

Outfit Creation:  Creating outfits from your inventory and acquisitions, photographing same for your reference.

Special Occasion:   Consultation and shopping assistance for special occasions.

All clients (other than special occasion) will be required to utilize the foundations service, but after that it’s up to you!    My book is available where e-books are sold if you’d like to get a running start, and color consultation parties can be arranged for multiple clients at once.

Grand Opening Sale!   25% off all services