Color Parties

You and your friends can dive into the world of color together!

What you get…

  • Color Analysis Session:  First we drape you to find your season, then we narrow that down by careful analysis of your raw materials to find your very best colors, then we narrow that further by your current life goals.
  • Ring of Swatches:  Everyone leaves with a selection of swatches representing her best colors, this is customized to you on the spot, not pre-assembled.  (Why swatches?)
  • An afternoon together, laughing and learning about color and what it can do for you.

Learning as a group helps all of you as you reinforce the lessons from your color analysis session, and it will show you the differences between good colors, best colors, and colors that should pass out of your lives.   And who knows?  Maybe you’ll end up swapping clothing before the night is out!

Price:  $250 (for up to five people)


Grand Opening Sale!   25% off all services