Shopping vs. Sewing

I have been both a person of the thimble and one of the mall.  There are pluses and minuses to both positions.  Let’s discuss.


Sewing Pros:

  • If you can dream it, you can do it.   (Assuming you have the skills…)
  • Fabric choice goes up dramatically, as does fabric quality.
  • You get what you REALLY want.
  • The pleasure of craftsmanship.

Sewing Cons:

  • Time, time, time.  Time to develop skills, time to sew the clothing of your dreams.  Time to wait while your fabric arrives.  TIME.
  • You’ve got to know your stuff – and that “stuff” includes your body, your best fit, the sewing nitty gritty, your colors, and the best lines for you.  Why?  Because you aren’t trying on and leaving – if you make it, you’re kinda stuck with it.



Shopping Pros:

  • You have much less chance of being utterly out of touch with what’s in style this … decade.
  • It’s easy and fun, a social outing with the girls.
  • Great way to try things out – take that chance!
  • The thrill of the hunt.

Shopping Cons:

  • Quality.
  • Sourcing that dream item… especially these days when so much of shopping has gone online.


So what do you do?   Well, I do both.   Sewing clothing is, while not an instant skill to have, a very handy one.   You can access amazing pieces of fabric online and get truly beautiful, one of a kind items from a pleasant occupation.  But it’s slow.   If you want – or need! – something right now, shopping is usually handier.  Well, usually – if what you want is for sale at this moment in time.  -sigh-

However, as you develop and curate your dream wardrobe, you can choose to make couture level garments – garments that are well outside most of our ability to purchase on their own.

Don’t throw baby out with the bathwater – both methods of getting clothing are valid – and fun!



** Pictures rated as free to re-use, neither of them are mine.

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