Respecting Your Stages

My book, Wardrobe Communication, explains the ways in which you can choose to deliberately communicate with your clothing.   But you’re always communicating with your clothing – regardless of your conscious decision to do so or not…  and this can be a real drag when you’re trying to change your public statement about yourself.  Sometimes you find yourself “saying” things you don’t want to say.

But what if those things you’re saying are true?   Or were true?

My life has changed a great deal in the last two years, and I intend that it continue to do so.   I’m in an intensive online style community to push me to be accountable to others – to do for myself what I have done so often for so many, to display facets of myself that I want to encourage.

And I look in the mirror and say, “who is this?  She still looks like This Person or That Person – and I’m ready to be ThisOther Person!  How dare she!!!”  And I get mad.

I’m not respecting the stages that I’ve left behind, I’m not respecting those facets of myself.    Am I mad at the Capable Homemaker?   No.   She’s pretty awesome.   So why am I mad at her style?   Am I mad at the Efficient Assistant?  No.   She’s done me any number of favors this past year.

It’s that I’m *ready* to be the Life-Changing Creative Force – someone I’ve had inside of me all of my life, someone who comes out in consultations and five-hour phone conversations and closet cleanouts… but who I’ve hidden.   And now, now I’m ready to let her loose – but I’m grumpy because I go to my closet and find out that the bits and bobs that were in there for her have been worn out or shrunk out of – she hardly has a thing to wear!

Well.   Angels may be in the marble – but someone has to get out the chisel and get to work.   I’ve chiseled off 30 of the 45lb that I needed to free myself of.    I need to get into stores and chisel off the “safe clothes” and find the “pow”.   A lot less Earth and a lot more Fire.

And it’s time to stop being mad at what’s in my closet.   Just as any jewel has a multitude of facets, so does my personality.   I am still capable at homemaking tasks – though I don’t spend all day at them.  I am still an amazing assistant.   I am still a loving mother.   Those facets aren’t going away – they’re just not facing forward in this season of my life.    I need to tell the world something else about me – something that is true, something that the world needs, something that I need to communicate.

So – the gem will shift, the facets spin, and you see another self.  The others are there, and I’m done being mad at them.

Do you have a self that you’re proud of, but isn’t the self that you need to have facing forward in this season of your life?    Drop me a line at amyrosehearth@gmail.com and we’ll talk about where you are and where you want to go.

Everyone else, catch you in the next blog…………….

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