Photography as a Tool

I’ve been instagramming most of my outfits for the last few weeks.   It’s been an interesting experience.

I know how to dress myself.  Obviously.  I’m an image consultant.  It’s my job.   But even so, as my body changes and I work through the changes in my lifestyle, my style is changing.   The mirror is great, but when you look in the mirror, your eyes go where you’re used to having them go.   They focus on your favorites, they focus on your flaws, and they ignore the big picture.  Can’t see the forest for the trees.

When you look at a photograph, you see the whole you.    Just the way OTHER people see you.   It’s a huge correction!

Well, with picture after picture of my outfits, I have some data to work with to adjust my reality.   Here are my two favorite looks for this month:


One of my great temptations is always to just play it safe.   But “safe” is NOT my best look.   “Classic” is not a descriptor for my style.    Those outfits are super boring – and not me at all.   I am also frequently tempted by white shirts – this experiment has been most revealing in that regard.  Light colors go on the BOTTOM.  This is not a fashion rule that I get to break.

Body changes are a thing here – as I lose weight, I can rock a pencil skirt – at least if it’s a wrap skirt with a diagonal line.   Bold jewelry > delicate jewelry.  (This is much more apparent in photographs than in the mirror).  And that side braid?   It’s my best hairstyle.  (Again, it’s working to break up the line of my wide, square shoulders).

As I lose weight, however, it becomes progressively more apparent that my shoulders show the hard work I do at the gym.  I have a *lot* of torso, and not only do I look better with my shirts tucked in, but I look better still with a topper over my shirt.   That said, no blocky boxy toppers for me, I need something fitted.  Long toppers are a *win*.

It took quite a bit of data to come up with these conclusions.  And meanwhile, I have the clothes that I have – I’m not weeding right now.   HOWEVER – this is one of the benefits to being in transition.  Intermediate Amy is NOT the final product, and I’m learning lessons that will end up in my closet at the end of the game.

If you’re trying to figure out your style and work through some things, why not do the same thing?  Take pictures of your outfits, and then look at them later, in aggregate, and see what stands out as “Nice, but not me”, “why did I do that?”, and “Yes Please”.  Pictures don’t lie.

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