Workout Clothes

Your workout clothing, like everything else you wear in life, should fit the person you are and the function you’re pursuing.    But since working out is seldom a professional pursuit, you can have a bit more fun, turn the personality up to 11.

I lift weights.

This is what I look like after a good workout:


I don’t want to wear expensive clothes.  I’m not thin enough to wear tight clothes and feel comfortable – and anyway, I use my t-shirt as a towel fairly often.   I’ve found out through trial-and-error that my best outfit is a pair of tight pants and a t-shirt – or a tank, in the summertime (they don’t air-condition crossfit boxes).

So what am I going to wear?

I’m going to wear a t-shirt that I’d never get otherwise (I’m not a t-shirt person) and I’m going to have some fun.   I hit the Black Friday online sales, and scored:


They’re fun.

They’re my colors.

They weren’t expensive (I’m not sure where the black marks come from, but all my shirts look like I do mechanic work after a few gym sessions).

They give me energy and a smile – excellent things to wear at any time, especially when you’re working out.


What do you wear to the gym?

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