If G.I.G.O. is a rule, so is the inverse.   Put good in, get good out.

This is a piece of Harris Tweed.  It’s amazing stuff.  It’s more amazing that just anyone can get their hands on it.


From start to finish, this is craftsmanship.

  • Only British wool is used
  • It’s dyed in the fleece, before it’s woven
  • The colors are mixed according to weight, and are inspired by nature in Scotland.
  • Woven on looms in homes, by human-power, by actual humans.  Every bit inspected and checked by more actual humans.

This picture has not been retouched.  I took it in the evening light in my backyard.   The color really is this luminous and deep.   And this is a simple, “one color” tweed!

Anything I make from this cloth is going to be elevated by its use.

We CAN get craftsmanship like this – but we don’t look for it.  When you see it, it stops you in your tracks.   Why not look for it?  Yes, it was expensive cloth.  But much less expensive than you might think.

It is possible to seek out beauty and be transformed by its presence.  Why not indulge?

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