Physical Perfection – for a Price

I tend to put off visiting my hairdresser, as I may be the only woman in the world that doesn’t enjoy the process.   However, when I’m there, he has some interesting magazines in the waiting room.  One of those magazines is a plastic surgery magazine.   Enlightening!

What I learned this week was that there is a thing called a “thigh lift”.   It’s not just the skin removal/tightening that is done for folks who lose a whole lot of weight, it involves resculpting the fat and a host of other fun stuff.  Oh – you can also get injections that will fill in your cellulite (for a few years).  So – if you wanted your legs to look perfect, you could have that… for a price.

You can have any number of improvements for a price.   While I’m not totally opposed to plastic surgery, I think that it’s important for those of us who aren’t 1%ers to remember that the impossibly beautiful rich people are impossibly beautiful because they have resources *that we don’t*.    How were these improvements marketed?  As the solution when diet and exercise have done all that they can.   You’re not even supposed to indulge in this stuff until you’re at goal weight – it messes up the result if you continue to lose!

So spend your hours at the gym – I sure do – but remember that you’re investing in health, not perfection.   Eat good food – it will help you live longer and enjoy your life.   Try to get to a healthy weight – it makes a difference to your body.  Wear pretty clothes and do something nice with your hair and take care of your skin… but don’t stress.  This should never be about stress.

Celebrities are literally paid to look great.  That’s their job.  When you look at a celebrity and start comparing yourself – STOP.  Just stop.  There IS a village that makes that look possible:  coach, nutritionist, chef, assistant, maid, nanny, dentist, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, masseuse, aesthetician, makeup artist, personal stylist, tailor, photographer, and finally… photo editor.    You can’t be all those people and still go to work, take care of your kids, be a decent wife, and remember to keep up with your correspondence.

This site is devoted to making you be the best you that you can, and helping you find out who you are so you can get there.   I have zero interest in pursuing the impossible for myself, and I have less than zero interest in putting those expectations on my clients.

Love your body and take care of it.   That’s all.

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