Closet Cleanout: Rae

Here’s a sample of a Closet Reboot… easy mode.  (If you’d like a sample of hard-mode, check out Kim here).

Rae shops sensibly, knows her colors and how to use them to affect her emotional state, and keeps the items in stock that she uses.   What we had to work on was removing duplicates and those pieces that had outlasted their usefulness.   Then I organized what was left.   All of that is stage 1 of the closet-cleaning process.





Here you see that I’ve sectioned each type of clothing off (workout, cleaning, everyday, slightly-dressy) and then organized the clothing by color/type within those sections.  This makes it easier to grab the right thing, harder to forget pieces (when they drift off into other sections, it’s easy to lose clothing), and more visually appealing.

As I said, Rae didn’t need a ton of help in this department, although we did get rid of 3 bags of clothes!   That’s one of the benefits of having help when you clean out your closet, the help won’t let you get away with doing the job half-way.

The second part of the Closet Reboot is to make a shopping list.   Once you know what you own, you can figure out what you need.   Again, Rae is doing very well stocking her everyday life, but she needed some ideas for shopping for a few dressier outfits.

I emailed her the suggested items to fill in the blanks, and I went online shopping for her at the stores in the malls nearest her home, and made a pinboard so she could take a look at the items in question and know where to get them if she liked them.  https://www.pinterest.com/hearthroseimage/zshopping-for-rae/

We organize our closets in the same way that we organize our pantries –

1) What do I have?

2) What do I want to achieve?  (In the case of your pantry, what recipe are you cooking up this week.   In the case of clothing, what message do you want to convey?)

3) What do I need to buy?

As much as I like a good bit of fun shopping, you need to hit your priorities first.  A great pair of neutral slacks is more important than a trendy blouse.   And even great items have a limited life-time… taking inventory is how we know when to say goodbye.

If you’d like a Closet Reboot of your very own, drop me a line!  I’d love to help.

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