How to figure out what to wear to a club

“What should I wear to that hot new nightclub?”  Using the Clubbable app and your self-knowledge, figuring out what to wear becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Where are you going?  Clubbable gives you the dress code and vibe for every club on your list – no more guessing!   You don’t want to look too rough when you hit Mahiki in London- save the punk rock gear for the Vandal in NYC.  This app is a great resource not only to find a club that suits your style, but to prepare your style to get in the door.
  • Who are you? You want to dress to reveal your personality and your goals.   You don’t want to represent yourself as something you are not, clubbing is about being seen – so be seen for yourself.
  • Don’t look like everyone else. Yes, you want to be on point for the dress-code.  But you also want to have enough spin on that that you’ll create interest.   One more person in exactly the same little black dress is boring – you’re one of 500.  Instead, be the one who goes above and beyond, breaks through ordinary and hits amazing.    Use color and be unexpected.

Clubs are visual places, so whatever look you choose, dial it up to 11.  If you’re a minimalist, go minimalist so hard that Yoko Ono feels over-accessorized.   This is the time to wear the architecturally interesting dress that you fell in love with on the runway.    If you’re more romantic, wear a silk dress that slides around your curves and makes the eye travel and travel and travel some more.

Example:  Let’s dress Tilda Swinton for the Vandal and Lzzy Hale for Mahiki.  

  • Tilda Swinton:   Signature color – white.   Signature style – androgynous/architectural
  • The Vandal:  Punk Rock
  • Outfit:  White leather pants, boots.  White sleeveless shirt.  White leather bracers.
  • Makeup:  Colorless lips, vivid eyeliner color used non-traditionally with warrior vibe.


  • Lzzy Hale:  Signature style – hard rock + sex
  • Mahiki:  Sophisticated and mature.
  • Outfit:  Burgandy pants-suit with black bra peeking out occasionally; leather-laced up collar; black heels
  • Makeup:  Her signature look – black eyeliner, burgundy lip.


Both women look like themselves, and they’re appropriate for the venue.  They won’t be missed.

If you’d like to check out the clubbable app… https://www.clubbable.com/

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