Fashion vs. Style – Fanny Packs are Back

I am not a personal stylist.  Why am I not a personal stylist?  Because while I follow the trends, I do NOT recommend trends that look like they’re driving straight off a cliff into the sea, and that goes triple for trends I’ve lived through that crashed and burned the first time.

I mean, you didn’t see me gushing when parachute pants had their microsecond back in the spotlight a year or so ago, did you?  No.  That’s because the five people who can wear parachute pants can look fascinating in those pants any time and don’t need a trend to give them permission.   The rest of us should run and hide under the couch if they’re mentioned.   Some trends are hard to wear.

I’m an image consultant, and that means I want you to inhabit the image that reflects who you are most accurately.   I work hard to help you coordinate the messages you’re sending out and make you look great.

Fanny packs have their place.  Their place is not when one wishes to look chic, polished, and pulled together.   I see that they’re on trend… fine.  Buy a fanny pack to look chic – on vacation.  They are useful…   But figure flattery?  Oh no.  There is not a woman in this world who needs a lump in the middle of her abdomen.

credit:  Fashionista.com

CAN a fanny-pack be done well?  Sure, anything can be.

First, you can get a waist pouch that isn’t a fanny pack…

credit: ebay

Second, you can wear the fanny pack in an appropriate setting, and in a size proportional to your figure.   I wouldn’t wear this on the streets of NYC, but I would consider wearing it to Disneyland.

credit: google – but that’s a Chanel bag

So, you can rely upon me to give you the quizzical look when you try to pick up the latest trend – if that trend doesn’t suit you, I’m going to say so.  That’s my job – to help you find your style, not to keep you in the latest fashions.

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