Sample Color Analysis: M-DoJ

Maddie Frame

(This is a color-only analysis)

You have beautiful, mysterious blue-green-grey eyes.  These almost grey eyes allow you to wear more grey than Springs usually wear, but will tempt you into cold colors.  The natural red highlights in your brown hair are the warning that you shouldn’t wear Summer’s cool tones – you will look far more alive in the warmth that is Spring.  Your clothes exist to make you look your best – not the other way ‘round.

You are medium in contrast – that means that your best colors will not be either too dark or too light.   Keep those colors for accessories or trim and you’ll shine.  (YOU are always to shine, not your clothing).   When you want to up the intensity, add a bit more eyeliner/mascara so that those eyes are the center of focus.

Your colors are somewhat muted for a Spring – but that’s only for a Spring!  You’ll find that heathered versions of your best colors are the most flattering on your skin tone, whereas the brightest brights might be a bit much.

I’ve noticed that you tend to wear a lot of cold colors – try warming up into ivory and peach and see how many compliments you garner.


Springs have very delicate coloring that is reflected in the translucent, bright colors of flowers and leaves in their first growth.   Brightness, warmth and clarity are Spring watchwords.  Even the darkest or most neutral colors must have life to be Spring color.  “Golden” and “Pink” are the two most important Spring undertones, and one or both will be found in nearly all of her colors.    Her colors are usually blends, from greenish blues to pinkish reds to golden greens.    If you want to wrap up Spring in one word, it’s “vitality”.  If you wanted create Spring as a piece of art, you would use colored pencils.

Springs can be found with any hair color except black.  Most blondes are Springs or Summers.   If Springs have red hair, it’s auburn or strawberry blonde.  Brunette Springs are likely to have had blonde hair as a child, and blonde highlights look well on Springs.  “Ash” is not a Spring tone – “golden” is.

A Spring’s skin will always be pinkish or golden or both.  Yes, there are plenty of women of color who are Springs.   Many mixed-race women, in particular, find that Spring colors suit them perfectly.   You are looking for a certain translucent quality to the complexion, that clear golden shine, the flush that often shows on her cheeks.

Yes – strawberry red, midnight blue, peachy-pinks, golden-khaki, blue-greens, ivory.    Gold and ivory pearls are all yours.

No – black, white, jewel-tones, muted colors (whether brown or grey).  Be very careful around khaki, yellow, red and navy.

Trying to weigh down a Spring’s coloring with colors that are too heavy makes her look tired and/or muddy.  And although Springs wear some of the brightest colors around, if you put them in the jewel toned vivids of a Winter, those colors will steal all of the Spring’s vitality.  Springs, more than any season, really need to nail their exact colors.   Because of the subtle balances in color, there can be a very small difference between perfect and terrible.  If you don’t see color well, stick to your swatches!

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