Month: March 2018

Shopping Expeditions: Plus Size Wasteland

As everyone knows, Southern California is the home to the original Cult of the Body.   It’s not the most comfortable place in the world to carry a few extra pounds, but this is nowhere more obvious than when you hit the mall. Just because SoCal is a fit area of the country doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of plus-size ladies here – a … Read More Shopping Expeditions: Plus Size Wasteland

Closet Cleanout: Rae

Here’s a sample of a Closet Reboot… easy mode.  (If you’d like a sample of hard-mode, check out Kim here). Rae shops sensibly, knows her colors and how to use them to affect her emotional state, and keeps the items in stock that she uses.   What we had to work on was removing duplicates and those pieces that had outlasted their usefulness.   Then I … Read More Closet Cleanout: Rae

The Hot New Style: Individuality

The best thing about the Oscar fashion parade this year was that there was actually fashion to be had.  Beautiful women wearing beautiful dresses are a good thing, but I missed the awards ceremonies of my youth, when there was an excitement inherent in seeing who would wear what, what bit of the inner self would be revealed, who would commit a horrible fashion … Read More The Hot New Style: Individuality

How to figure out what to wear to a club

“What should I wear to that hot new nightclub?”  Using the Clubbable app and your self-knowledge, figuring out what to wear becomes as easy as 1-2-3. Where are you going?  Clubbable gives you the dress code and vibe for every club on your list – no more guessing!   You don’t want to look too rough when you hit Mahiki in London- save the punk … Read More How to figure out what to wear to a club

Fashion vs. Style – Fanny Packs are Back

I am not a personal stylist.  Why am I not a personal stylist?  Because while I follow the trends, I do NOT recommend trends that look like they’re driving straight off a cliff into the sea, and that goes triple for trends I’ve lived through that crashed and burned the first time. I mean, you didn’t see me gushing when parachute pants had their … Read More Fashion vs. Style – Fanny Packs are Back

Sample Color Analysis: M-DoJ

(This is a color-only analysis) You have beautiful, mysterious blue-green-grey eyes.  These almost grey eyes allow you to wear more grey than Springs usually wear, but will tempt you into cold colors.  The natural red highlights in your brown hair are the warning that you shouldn’t wear Summer’s cool tones – you will look far more alive in the warmth that is Spring.  Your … Read More Sample Color Analysis: M-DoJ

The Capsule Wardrobe

The phrase, “capsule wardrobe” came to popularity in the 70s, but the concept has been a foundational part of wardrobe management since women started having more than one or two outfits at their disposal.   It’s the best way to maximize the value of your clothing dollar.   The concept has changed slightly in recent years, where people now talk about having a ‘seasonal’ capsule wardrobe … Read More The Capsule Wardrobe