Sample Analysis: Remie

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Remie: (Pinboard: https://www.pinterest.com/hearthroseimage/z-suggestions-remie/)

Who Are You?

  • Prefers casual clothing (works in a physical field, needs little office-type clothing)
  • Active in church groups
  • Politically active (conservative)

Body Analysis: 

You’re medium in height, with long limbs and a shorter torso, which is where you carry what weight you carry (very little excess).  Your long, slender limbs make you look taller than you are, as do your prominent features.   These both allow you to carry off larger prints and larger jewelry than someone else your height.  You will always appear slimmer than your weight because of these factors – lucky you!

Color Analysis:

Winter.  You know this, having had your colors done some time ago, but your closet doesn’t reflect it.

Best white:  Winter white (bright-white doesn’t work as well due to the way our skin changes as we age)

Best black:  Black

Metal tone:  Silver

Yes, you can wear pearls – white or grey.  Either will be flattering to you and help you in your goals.

Your best colors are dark and saturated – more so than the brightest of the jewel tones, you’ll be at your best in navy, midnight blue, pine green, and imperial purple.  You also look lovely in deep true red.

Ice tones (palest yellow, pink, purple, blue) will work best on you in prints or accessories, rather than entire garments.

Your best contrast level is medium.

Pattern type:

You had a strong preference for regular, symmetrical patterns.   Your patterns should be balanced.  Florals would work well for you, as would large polka dots.

This works with your overall goals, to be more respectable and trustworthy in appearance.


A more textured garment will be more flattering than a smooth garment.    Examples:  Linen blouse > silk blouse; wool sweater over cashmere.

Print Size:

You are medium in height and weight – so you want a medium print size.  You definitely don’t want to go oversized, because one of your priorities is to look more polished and conservative.  Don’t go too small, it will look “cutesy” – not something that gets you taken seriously.

Where are you going?

  • Create a trustworthy, respectable appearance.
  • Be taken seriously.
  • Casual, comfortable clothing.



Your outfits should always have a factor of “polished” to them, so aim for conservative accessories.  You do want to accessorize, you don’t want to pile them on.

Accessories should be classic and look expensive (they don’t have to *be* expensive).

Scarves will be useful.


Currently you have too much Air (whimsy) in your wardrobe.  Recommend increasing Earth (reliability).  Fire isn’t needed, Water can be added to your comfort level.


Bring the colors that you wear back to your Winter season – your current wardrobe is far too warm.

Casual conservative:   Make clothing more conservative/classic – jeans without tears, neat accessories, a finished look.    Current wardrobe skews much too young.

Change hair color to a cool tone.

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