Dresses over Jeans/Kimono Toppers

There’s a trend going now for “dresses” (intentionally so – the “dresses” are usually not functional as dresses) or kimonos over jeans.  I’d recommend some version to nearly everyone.

Dresses over pants are a classic line in other countries (aka most of Asia and the Middle East) *because* they’re so universally flattering.   Here’s a few examples of this look:

  • You can vary your dress/kimono length to suit your proportions
  • You can vary your dress/topper fit profile (loose or fitted)
  • Color/style/fabric variations are nearly endless

We’ve all heard the rule of the trend – keep your basic pieces on point, and add the zippy bits that keep you up to date.  Well, this is a great way to do that.   The toppers shouldn’t run you much over $25/$30, so this is not an investment piece – it’s the cherry on top.

Have a little fun!

5 thoughts on “Dresses over Jeans/Kimono Toppers”

  1. Can you suggest and send me a link so I can look at this closer. I think this might get me closer to wearing dresses and looking more fashionable. Also looking at the prospect of new employment and this would help.


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