Sample Analysis: Glenda

Glenda Colors

Client:  Glenda  (Pinboard:  https://www.pinterest.com/hearthroseimage/z-suggestions-glenda/)

Who are you now? 


  • Winter


  • Mid-Forties


  • You work in a mortgage company part time; you work out regularly at Crossfit; you are a mom of teenagers; you are engaged to be married.

Other Activities:

  • You enjoy going out dancing with your fiancé in cowboy boots and gear


  • Although you work in the financial sector, you can wear fairly casual outfits to work.


Where are you going?


  • Getting married soon
  • Continue improving your health
  • Wants to become a traditional medical practitioner



You have made substantial changes in the last year of your life.  You’ve moved, gotten engaged, and lost four dress sizes as you’ve taken up Crossfit and changed your diet.  You’re looking forward to a new future – moving away from a career in the banking industry and moving towards a career in natural, traditional, medicine.   Moving away from your past as a single mom to being married soon.  That’s a lot of change!

Fortunately for you, your currently work in a business-casual environment, and you’ll want to have a very similar wardrobe when you become a practitioner of traditional medicine.  Both careers require you to elicit a “trust” reaction from your clients.   (Element: Earth)  The difference is that alternative-medicine practioners are expected to be connected closely with nature.    I would encourage you to bring more flow to your clothing, more movement.  (Element: Water).    That means that those beloved cowboy boots will work perfectly with your new career (though I wouldn’t wear them to the mortgage company).

Your wardrobe priorities are: Create a basic wardrobe which can be accessorized to reflect your passions.

You mentioned that you like playful clothes when you’re not at work, and would like to move into wearing dresses more often.  There’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear t-shirt dresses on your days off, maybe with those boots… and jeans and a kimono jacket with a nice blouse might be a work/home crossover.    Right now the stores are full of dark florals, it’s a good time to take advantage of a few pieces.  You won’t want to cover your body with too much whimsy, but a jacket or a skirt or a scarf will update your entire look.

You preferred an irregular pattern to regular.  A controlled bohemian vibe would be great for you – keeping things in proportion to your height and your age.   Consider adding in ethnic pieces – these would look nice on you and reflect your future goals.

Your secondary wardrobe goals are:  Incorporate florals and statement accessories into your basic black.

All that work in the gym has paid off, and you have lovely, slim arms and legs.   Your torso is long in proportion to your limbs, and that’s where you carry your weight.  You have what might be called a “rectangular” figure.   So therefore you want to utilize diagonal lines to break your torso up a bit and create movement.   Toppers are one of the most useful tools to create this kind of movement and line.

You’re quite petite, so even though you’re over 40, wearing a shorter hemline is going to suit you proportionally.  Those slim arms and legs should be shown off!

Your figure priorities are: create interest, create movement, show off your limbs.

Insofar as your coloring is concerned, you classify as a Winter.  Your colors are particularly dark and saturated, with a few unexpected brights (ice-yellow, magenta).  Purple/magenta is more attractive on you than red is, excepting the deepest, bluest wine color – which is insanely beautiful on you.

Your best neutral colors are:  Black, White, Darkest-Brown, and Charcoal-Grey

Use color psychology to evoke emotion – green is the color of nature, and a dark, cold, saturated green is amazing on you.  This is going to be your best true color, followed by purple.  Purple is the color of wisdom, and it brings out the highlights in your beautiful brown eyes.   Deep blues and navy are excellent on you.

Your best statement colors are: Dark Pine Green, Midnight Blue, Darkest Blue-Red, and Silver

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