Month: February 2018

Casual, Hands-on Work Environment

One of my clients recently came to me with the question – “Well, I don’t really have to change my style, do I?  I mean – I wear very casual clothes to work, and I’m hands-on (and getting dirty) all day”.   This is often an objection to upgrading the wardrobe for SAHM, too.  “It’s just going to get dirty”.  “No one will see me”.  … Read More Casual, Hands-on Work Environment

The Daily Accessory

Golden necklace Golden butterfly barrettes Golden earrings The careful watcher will have noted that I have a lot of interesting rocks in my jewelry collection, but not a lot of basics.   Not being a “classic” type – this is my version of basic!

When Shoes Betray

One of the great rules of fashion in the modern era is that shoes make the outfit.  That’s great for those women rocking the Jimmy Choos, but what about the rest of us?  Not everyone can (or should) run around in stilettos all the time.  Some of us can’t even manage a kitten heel.  Life happens, and our feet and knees sometimes say, “time … Read More When Shoes Betray

Sable Brown

Sable is an almost-black brown that can be worn primarily by Winters. Like most just-barely colors, it’s not terribly common.

The Daily Accessory

Leather Bracer w/Feather Abalone Earrings Pebble Bracelet (worn with bracer)   I was wearing a very basic outfit today, and so I had to add some bohemian to it in order to feel like “me”.

The Daily Accessory

Leather Bracer Gold and Flat Stone Pendant on Gold Chain

The Daily Accessory

Freshwater pearl necklace Enamel Bangles Copper Hair Comb Glass Ear Drops