Remote Color/Style Analysis: Elspeth


You are serene, and deep.  Instant intimacy?  Not for you – folks have to earn their way into your confidence.  So should you dress… with quiet, elegant, classic pieces that echo your soft heart in colors that reflect your grounded nature.

Your skin has the loveliest caramel highlights… you should bring these out by wearing more warm deep yellows.   This is one of your brights – and perhaps you think of yellow as too bright (regular yellow would be), but your best yellows are going to be deep and warm, highly saturated colors.

You also have some really lovely warm tones going – it would be simply divine if you picked these up by wearing deep orange-reds, brick red, and mahogany.  Any red that is a bit brown & orange, any brown that’s a bit red, any orange that is softened with red or brown… you can wear this whole range of colors, although the reddest, brownest tones are going to be the best ones.

Those tones, and a deep cocoa brown, almost black, are the core of your wardrobe.  Brighter colors of course become dresses, blouses and accents, deeper colors become skirts, pants, and jackets.

For contrast, I recommend dark-wash navy – this would contrast beautifully with your red-oranges, for instance. A deep forest green, likewise, would be delightful on you, as would any rich, warm purple.  (Saturated colors, deep colors, warm colors – these are what you’re watching for).

Your version of “white” is bone.  You can wear the brown-white tones through wheat.

Your version of “black” is the dark brown that matches your eyes and hair.   Please don’t wear black or white – their cold, harsh tones fight with your coloring and drain you.   Likewise too-bright brights and pastels – they aren’t your friends.


Overall prescription:  Deeply saturated colors, fitted, but covered up lines, fabrics that have some flow and allow your colors to be shown to best advantage.

Don’t worry about fads, fads are for children.

Soft mermaid skirts, fitted pencil skirts (fit these to your hips and have the waists taken in), blue jeans.  Blouse hemlines about 5-6” down from your waist.  Cardigans and small jackets to 3-6” below the waist.

Prints:  Polka dots and florals – you want to bring your soft side out in prints.    Classic forms.   You want a nice balanced print.

Let’s talk fabrics.  Because your skin is so glorious, and your best colors are so very highly saturated, your best fabrics are going to be ones that show these things to advantage.   Knit cotton – tshirt weight – tends not to be your friend, it doesn’t hold the color saturation that looks best on you.  The same color in a fabric with a tight weave and/or a slight sheen is going to have a completely different effect.   Try this in the store and see!  Of course you’ll still wear tshirts and tanks, but consider pairing them with overshirts/sweaters with a bit of presence.

My favorite garments on you have all had a soft flow to them.  Your best garments are going to be fitted with some drape – a loose mermaid skirt would be amazing on you.  Waterfall cardigans over a tshirt and jeans, sundresses, consider your core self – soft and beautiful, but reserved.   (Your black and white combination was simply amazing – except for the colors!)  Don’t try to wear too-sporty clothes – for you, denim is for blue jeans.   Stiff fabrics like denim are going to do you no favors.  You want challis, soft cottons, chiffon, silk.  You live in a warm climate – keep the linen for little jackets, not for skirts.

Your style is classic with a slightly romantic touch.  You don’t feel comfortable in color combinations that are too outré (which is why you wear so much white – it’s a very classic color).  You don’t like too much jewelry.    No, you keep things quiet, so that people have to come close to hear your “voice”.    Serenity.  This pairs really well with your best colors – although classic style defaults to endless black/navy & white, brown and green and the deep saturated colors that are your best colors read as peaceful and nurturing.

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