Month: October 2017

Comfort Zones vs. Hard Limits

Anyone who has ever seen a makeover on TV has seen someone taken from one look to another virtually overnight.   Can I do this for you?  Yes.  We can find someone to do your hair and makeup, I can treat you like so much raw material, and in a few days, you’ll be a whole new you. But.  If I do that, you might … Read More Comfort Zones vs. Hard Limits

Accessories are Everything

You have heard the words 1000 times – that accessories change everything.  The more minimal your wardrobe, the more this becomes true. Today, we’re going to do a quick visual exploration of this. Same outfit.  Same day.  Same lack of makeup. In the picture to your left, I’m wearing an eye-catching bracelet, a pair of colored necklaces, large teal earrings, and a feathered hair-ornament. … Read More Accessories are Everything

Western Adventurer

In her book, “Dressing Rich”, Leah Feldon identified several meta-types of upper-class woman in America.  I highly recommend her book – but it was written in 1982, so a few things have changed.   One of the things that I believe has changed is one of the types, which she calls, “L.A. Throwaway”. “[LATs] are young, or they look young (thanks to the best cosmetic … Read More Western Adventurer

Always Prepare

This is why you *always* set out your clothing in advance of an important event: I do not know what happened to my favorite dress.  I do not remember having someone splatter me with grape juice the last time I wore it – or I would have dealt with the stains at that time.   (Those stains are in the middle of my back!) But … Read More Always Prepare