Color-coordinated closet

There are substantial advantages to a color-coordinated closet.  One of the foremost of those advantages is the ease of putting together outfits, and mixing and matching the items in your closet.

I set out the following outfit last night:

  • Teal gypsy skirt
  • Oatmeal cold-shoulder top
  • Brown heeled sandals, brown belt
  • Leather bracer w/turquoise emblem, teal/gold earrings, gold chain
  • Peacock feather hair ornament

Turquoise, navy, scarlet and ivory are the pillars of my color coordinating closet – and virtually everything I have works with some or all of those colors.  So, “what should I wear to the dermatologist?” solved itself with little fuss or muss.

I have a very small closet (physically) and while I am working on expanding my options, I always have well-put-together outfits, and everything works in harmony.

It makes life easier.   Choose some colors – I have tools to help you if you need them – and start building your curated wardrobe today!

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